Our Story

Picture of the owner of loobylu baby, an online unisex baby clothing store based in the UK.

Welcome from LoobyLu

Hi there,

I’m Louise, also known as LoobyLu.

I am the proud owner of LoobyLu Baby. I launched this company when I became a first-time mum to my little boy.

I was where you are now. Excited to buy new unisex baby clothe for my little one. However, I quickly realised that neutral baby items were few and far between. Not only was this a struggle, but I did not know what baby essentials I really needed to make life that little bit easier.

I was looking for quality, neutral coloured and practical clothing. That’s why I created this unique, parent friendly store, so you can find what you need in confidence. Knowing there is a wide range of unisex baby essentials all in one place.

At LoobyLu Baby we know that spending time with your new baby is precious. We hope by making things easier and more concise, you’ll have more time with your growing family. If you would like to discuss any of the products to suit your needs get in touch by emailing me, I will be happy to help!

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